Afbeelding met tekst, motor, buiten, grond

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijvingAfbeelding met tekst, oud, vintage

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijvingAfbeelding met tekst, persoon, buiten, poseren

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

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Please contribute


Feel free to send a mail regarding any information regarding the Roskott-family. We are especially interested in the following:


- Your place in the family. Please give as many details on names, dates, occupations, etc. If possible, including a hook up in the family tree


- Any additions and/or corrections to the Family report and tree


- Details on persons and anecdotes


- Historical data regarding the origins of the Roskott-family. What ever can help. From documents and letters to ‘heard of it’-stories


- Pictures of Roskott-family members and/or of other interesting topics (bmp, jpg, gif, etc.). In case only paper copies exist please send me a mail so I can forward an address to send them to for scanning after which they will be returned